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I have been offering intuitive tarot readings for 5+ years, and find deep satisfaction in guiding others to their highest path. I guarantee you will find the specific answers you are seeking in your readings with me, and more. My goal in our consultations is to satisfy your questions, but also to show you a higher, spiritual perspective of your past, present, and future. In doing so, you will be able to transform the negative aspects of your life into your greatest blessings. What is holding you back from your truest desires? What can you do to create favorable results? What decisions will bring you long-lasting happiness? My readings show you what you cannot see clearly, so you may progress, attract and manifest your wildest dreams. You are capable of being in alignment with the perfect inner harmony you seek, and tarot is a great tool in your spiritual journey.


I have been offering intuitive tarot readings for 5+ years, and find deep satisfaction in guiding others to their highest path. For a year, I read in-store in the infamous Salem, Massachusetts, also known as 'Witch City'. However, I decided to work as an individual reader, as it suits my personality and services best. I first began reading cards at fourteen years old, when I was given my first tarot deck as a gift. It was a traditional Rider-Waite deck, given to me by my mother, who is also a professional tarot reader. I continue to use this deck, as it holds lots of positive energy in each card. I've strengthened my intuition throughout the years, and the ability to communicate channeled messages. I love to share this insight with others. It is always very rewarding to watch a client transform their lives in both subtle and great ways after our conversations. It is especially exciting for clients to observe my predictions coming true, and coming back for further consultations. Every reading helps you expand your mind and soul if you are willing - and provide life-altering answers.

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