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Rider Waite Cards


Honest and accurate. Tarot, runes, crystal ball, automatic writing. I can give love advice from a man’s perspective. I can tell you about your up and coming career path. Let me help you discover where your fortunes lie. Together, we can bring back the joy you once had and dig deep to find new fountains of happiness. You have all the tools available to you to give yourself the best life. Together we can work out how to put those tools together to make dreams happen. We may not be able to change the world, but we can always change your place in it. Nonjudgmental. LGBTQ+ Friendly. My name is Río and I want to be YOUR psychic. Honesty and integrity are part of my code of ethics, so I am here to give you the truth. I will not tell you what you want to hear but no matter how dark your future seems, there is always a light at the end and I can help you find it. I have never experienced a reading (no matter how bad it got) that there was no way out. That is the reason we have been given these gifts. Not to watch things pass, but to prepare and/or change the outcome of the situation.


I am a 3rd generation psychic. My great-grandma was able to spell out accurate information on a Ouija board blindfolded. My grandmother was always overprepared for every situation. A great-aunt of mine spoke to her sister for almost 20 years after she passed. As for me, I could see people around me who nobody else could. I would spontaneously think about a song or a tv episode and that day, it would come on. I decided to focus in on those gifts to expand them and help others, so for 13 years, I have been honing my skills. When I first started I would sit with a notebook and pen and write. I wrote things that did not come from me. I connected with spirits, documented the future and received letters from my guides. It was later that I found out that this was called automatic writing. Later, I became adept with tarot and the Futhark (Viking) runes. I am very good at crystal gazing and Claircognizance (the art of just knowing). Tell me which one I could make work for you.

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