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Hi, I am Rickie. I am an open, social and friendly young man who see things and places. I like to use my experiences to help people who have a hard time. I can also use dreams, literal dreams that come back or dreams in life. I am the life coach and help you find a way. Fear, anger, desperation or just a problem that sticks to you? I can help. Don't be afraid to open up. I have seen it all!


I speak to high school students about the troubles in life. How to avoid them, overcome them and cherish those people around. Volunteer with people to overcome sights and help them to give it a place and look forward to the future. Former military and help other veterans to overcome the sights and happenings they had in war.


He never has sure answers, just guesses.
Rick is Amazing & Accurate everytime I reach to him for guidance. A True Psychic!!! I highly recommend Ricky, you will be taken back and amazed! He right off the bat told me the complete name of the person I was asking him about. Nobody has ever told me that, he is the real deal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
amazing thanks
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