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My work ranges from a variety of different disciplines. I am a psychic medium, and specialize in love advice, career, dreams, past life readings, and spirits. My main tools are tarot, runes, pendulum, and channeling in order to achieve whatever it is you need.  Just let me know what you require, and we can work together to help you on your path.  I specialize in what I call "spirits readings" and use a variety of tools in order to communicate with spirits around you and gain insight into your situation. Everyone has spirits around them, whether it's loved ones or guardian angels or other entities beyond this realm, we are surrounded by spirits and don't even know it! They love to pitch in and help you when you need guidance. Sometimes, we don't know what it is we want or we think we know it is that we need but are unable to see past our own biases. Spirits are impartial to that and will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear which is why seeking them out for advice can be extremely beneficial. Sometimes, we also are negatively impacted by spirits and they can affect our mood, luck, relationships, and much more. If you believe that is the case then we can do something about that! The tools I use in order to communicate varies widely. This includes pendulum, tarot, runes, and other forms of divination. If you have a specific request/tool you wish me to use, feel free to make the request! Otherwise, I will use the medium or tool that I sense is most appropriate for you. 


I've had years to work on my practice, both in my personal life as well as professional life. Professionally, I've been doing readings and medium work for about six to seven years. It started off as a fun part-time job at the Renaissance Faire over the weekends, but I fell in love with the job. It's as the old saying goes: "It's not work if you are doing what you love." And I loved helping people, so I continued doing my work online as well as events such as the Renaissance Faire. Over the years, I have had the help from many lovely other psychics that have helped me become a better medium so that I would be able to further my communication with spirits and help my clients even more.  I've been a medium for as long as I can remember, growing up constantly around spirits but too young and inexperienced to hear what they were trying to say. It gave me great anxiety, feeling the presences of what I did not understand. And thus, I learned the art of tarot, runes, and oracle as a means of getting spirits' messages. It was not long before I learned that a lot of the times, the messages weren't meant for me but for those around me. Guardian angels, loved ones, or even those old imaginary friends from your childhood that likely weren't so imaginary - they had messages to convey to those they loved and watched over but couldn't reach them and I became the middleman in order to convey their messages. That is how my practice started and it only grew from there. 

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