I'm an Eclectic Practitioner.
I blend Wicca with a lot of other things.
An Eclectic is a person who practices any form of Eclectic spirituality. He is someone who incorporates elements from various other religions and spiritual paths into their own personal spiritual practice.
To be an Eclectic it is important to see the good in all religions and to respect all faiths.

Blessings )O(


I was born with the Veil an ability to see people who no longer walk among us.
I started walking my path 22 years ago since then my Goddess has never forsaken me nor she left me.
As a child i would keep telling people the things i would see and people i would see no one would understand and my mother thought i was crazy but later she realized and accepted my gifts and so did i.
I work with a lot of things Tarot, Runes, pendulum, Vodoun and many other.

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Rune Stone Dream Analysis Shamans Angel Cards Breakup and Divorce Psychic Mediums Soulmates Parents and Children Relationship Advice Paranormal Phenomena Career Advice Love and Sex Crystal Ball Rider Waite Cards Angel Readings Indian Astrology Clairvoyant Readings Dating Advice Channeling Family Advice Karma and Past Life Psychic Reading Spiritual Reading Occult Readings Other Tarot Cards Cheating and Affairs




Thank you so much :)
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