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Reverend Jay
Reverend Jay
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Reverend Jay



     I am Reverend Jay, ordained by the Universal Life Church Ministry. I have specialized in Tarot and Pendulum readings for the last 15+ Years. I started with the Rider Wait deck and have used many different decks over the years. I find a combination of Tarot and Pendulum is the route to go for Yes and No Questions followed by a 3 card spread. If any Major Arcana cards come up at that point I would like the opportunity to provide you with a full reading using the Ancient Celtic method.


     The Tarot and Pendulum are a way for me to help other people by giving insight into the seeker's question. I give thanks to G-D almighty for blessing me with the gift of being able to read the Tarot and Pendulum.


I have been into the occult arts since a very young age. I would say my first true psychic experience was at the age of 12 when I was sitting in front of the phone and just had a feeling someone was going to call and I started Automatic Writing before the call even came in. From that day forward I studied about crystals their healing capabilities, candle magic, and of course my favorite The Tarot. Over the years I have mastered many decks but my favorites are the Rider-Waite Deck, Connolly Tarot, Dragon Deck, and the Zenowick Tarot which is what I use for all my readings now as they have proven to be my most accurate deck yet. I focus on the light and will provide answers to all of your questions. Sometimes certain things are best unknown so please do not ask me questions about harming others, or when you will die as I will not answer those kinds of questions as they come from a negative place and I would never want to predict that for someone as karma can be vicious. As I stated before I work in the light and all things godly. I will provide you with the answers you seek and you will find the answers may not always be what you want to hear but will shape how you handle the situation and bring things about in your favor. I am also a ULC Ordained Minister and Doctorate in Divinity. I also am a Reiki I Practitioner currently and enjoy helping others to be the best that they can be.

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