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Reverend Stone


I am a natural born psychic. Gifted since birth. 4th generation psychic. I’m offering you an opportunity to see for yourself if this is infact true love, genuine or is it Time this person is wasting. I’m also able to re- unit loved ones who’s lost touch. Have you lost a loved one and want to know where they may be or if there watching over you or sending you signs from above? allow me to pass along these messages that are so sensitive and meaningful to your personal situation. I am a straight forward psychic. I believe in giving you the message I receive through my guides in its full entirety and truthful nature as I advise good karma in return.


Hello, my name is reverend Stone and my journey started Fifteen Years ago, my experience is in helping others to tap into their power, I am a natural born empath, I am also clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairromatic. and I am experienced with the tarot, oracle cards, and I can direct channel. I have a telepathic link to the spirit world and can connect to the soul of both the living and the dead. I am able to communicate with animals and with the Akashic records. I am also adding Kabalah and I ching to my experience, I am always learning new things and when I do I share them. I know what its like being betrayed and I know tips and techinques to help you, allow me to guide you together we can make your world magical

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thank you!
Very insightful and accurate. Thank you!
thank you 🙏🏽 I’ll try to come back
thanks for clarity reverend
wow!!! I just need to say he connected quickly snd seemed very connected . I pray his reading comes to pass !!! highly recommend he’s very easy to talk to
awesome!!!! picked up on my situation very quickly. thank you so much i will be back!!!
seemed very accurate about my situation so thank you again!
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