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Resmyrranda has been a trusted adviser online since 1999. Clients worldwide know her for her accuracy and depth of knowledge in reading tarot and using her clairvoyant abilities. She has been called inspirational, caring, non-judgmental, and intelligent. She is a native Texan who is also well traveled in the US and UK. She currently lives in New England with her soulmate and tuxedo cats. Her major interests include metaphysics, paranormal topics, and audio production. She also loves teaching others how to understand tarot on deeper levels, and incorporating this knowledge into every day life. She believes in magic, creating your own destiny, universal laws, and the healing properties of a good conversation. She believes this makes for the best connection between parties because its so much more relaxing than reading in person for everyone. Specialties include relationships of all kinds. She looks forward to helping you know how to change your life and love for the better.


Professional psychic and tarot consultations online since 1999. Experienced and Certified in the following: Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching, Tarot Mastery, Jose Silva Ultra Mind ESP, Numerology, Law Of Attraction Coaching, NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotherapy, Holistic Marketing, Past Life Regression. Its been my honor to help anyone online who wants to know more than a yes or no; how someone really feels, what you can expect from them and why things happen the way they do, has been a lifelong study of mine. I've lived in various states and had many of the same kinds of experiences you have had in life, learning how to deal with them and become a better stronger person. I love sharing these things with you if it helps empower you. There is ALWAYS a way forward. I love helping others to figure that out. There's so much to learn from Tarot and Spirit every day, and my pleasure to be your guide.

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can you please at least finish the statement in the middle. most advisors finish a thought at least. I don’t wanna add too many mins if I only need one
well she seemed accurate. the problem is.. my typing box disappeared. I couldn’t say anything . I don’t know what she was saying at the end. please finish I didn’t have any free minutes
wow she is amazing! will def be back to update you!
Great accurate reading! Thank you?
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