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Renee  Clarke
Renee Clarke
Life Coaching
Renee  Clarke


I provide: Tarot Card Readings - guidance and messages from the universe • Intuitive Readings - find out what you really need to know to move forward. • Energy Readings and all new energy healing! Find out where your blockages are and how to release them!• Spirit Guide Readings - who are they? How are they working with you?• Life Purpose Readings/Guidance - are you on the right path?• Past Life Readings - what were some of them? How do they affect you now?And Spiritual Counselling with a qualified counselor (and I have a Psychology degree!) - feel better with counselling guided by the universe and your guides!


I am in contact with my spirit guides and they pass on messages to me. I specialise in connecting you with your guides, and passing along exactly what you need to hear from them. I do tarot card readings and also pass along whatever comes to me intuitively. I can feel energy levels, and I can read this from photos. I can give advice as to why your energy levels might be low of where your blockages are and how to release them. I am not what I would call a medium, but I often have had passed over loved ones come through, particularly when the client is in real need or the loved on has an important message. I can show you how to get back to who you are, to the path that you are meant to be walking - to your life purpose. I can give you clarity when you are feeling lost and confused. I also have a Psychology degree, and I have worked as a counsellor for a number of years. This I use hand in hand with the information gained from spirit and the universe. I have conducted face to face readings, online readings and phone readings. I am straight down the line and to the point - I don't muck around with what needs to be said. I can also do distance healing, release blockages, look at your past lives (tell you about them in detail) and how they are affecting you now or why a certain person has been brought into your life.




Aug 29, 2015
Very positive and gave me clarity, guidance, and most importantly, hope. Thank you!

Aug 27, 2015
Sorry, i forgot about the time =( But i heard you, thanx!
Aug 19, 2015
Renee knows exactly what does her client wants and will never waste your time. I would call her again
Aug 12, 2015
Renee is amazing what can I say! Thank you very much! x
Aug 12, 2015
She is strongly honest and caring person. She told me the things i was afraid to hear, but i appreciate that kind of approach. Thank you!
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