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I am René Olo Obbatala, my mission on earth is to help and advise all who are oppressed, I give guidance to those who seek me trying to lead a better life or resolve events that are disharmonizing them at that time. Through the tarot I give the best advice to the clients, I do a translation that goes directly to solve those questions that distress them, I have connection with different tarots, using them according to the type of problem. I have a deep knowledge on herbs and stones that can also help in counseling. I have been in this environment for several years and when i was a iyawo I learned about sacred works and everything related to the idea. I also work stick and cauldron of eggun if necessary, used by the spiritual masses.


I have 10 years of experience reading tarot, guiding people through their advice. I have taken spirituality courses, so I can channel people's energies to help them get over breakups, divorces and advise them in financial matters, that is, if someone is bakrupt I can ask the spirits to help them overcome such situations. I practice transcendental meditation and Feng shui, millenary techniques for improving the life of every human being. I do elemental magic and I manage each lunar phase as well as its influences throughout nature. My mission in this life is to be able to help each person who comes in search of themselves, trying to figure out their conflicts. Spirituality is the way to go. It is each one of us who can make a difference and my motto is: 'Everything starts with you'.

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