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I have been doing professional tarot readings for about 8 years. Since then I've been doing readings mostly in and around my own community. I am a member of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church; the largest Wiccan church in the world with affiliates all over both the United States as well as the rest of the world. When I do readings, I use both the messages of the cards themselves as well as the energy and emotions of the person I'm reading for to gain the answers they are seeking. I am not a therapist, but I always try my utmost to listen to my clients’ questions and concerns throughout our session. Through this, as well as relaying any messages that any spirits or guardians attached to my client might have, it is my hope that I will be able to help them find some measure of spiritual peace.


I bought my very first tarot deck back in 2006 but didn’t begin actively reading until about 8 years ago. I did professional readings for a short time and have since been mostly been doing readings within my own community. I have 3 different decks that I tend to use with my primary one being the Mythic Tarot. I also use both the Shadowscapes Tarot and a Welcome to Night Vale deck; though the latter is mostly just for fun. In addition to the tarot cards themselves, I also am able to read the energy and emotions of my clients and gain insight through that as well as being able to occasionally impart messages from spirits that may be attached to them. Lately, I have started to try and branch out into other forms of divination such as astrology and tea leaf reading and I hope to be able to offer those services here in the very near future.

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a fraud and total waste of money.
Ren you are an amazing soul..I can tell you he wont waste your time & $. he doesnt lie & tell you negative stuff. try him
thank you ? lovely reading
Thanks you. You were wonderful
Ren really made it feel like she actually cares and wants to help. Kind insights and clear answers.
accurate,honest, straightforward and right to the point:)
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