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Readings by Chanel
Readings by Chanel
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Readings by Chanel


I am a very non judgmental whatever I seen for you I will tell you, I am here to to help you get threw your problems while being there for you as a friend. In my readings I will be using candles and crystals to go deeper into meditating threw your sharka and vibrations. I will tell you your past  analyze your present and forsee your future. I will not only get to the surface of the problem but actually get to the root to know why it is happening. Are u curious to know this persons feelings an emotions, Do you wanna know what the future holds for you, I am here to tell you. Call me today for a better tomorrow, :) 


I am a 7th generation psychic, many people in my family has the same blessing as I have. I first found out when I had psychic ability when was at the age of 10 when I would just look at a person an look threw there life and feel there emotions. I have been doing this for over 8 years, I have my own office and have been on other psychic websites. In my 5th year of being a psychic I traveled to learn how to use more tools to go deeper in my readings. Everything is a 100%  accurate with no sugar coating. :)

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