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Readings by Celina
Readings by Celina
Relationship Problems
Readings by Celina


Hello! My name is Celina. My Expert Service I will help heal your Mind, Body and Spirit. I will give you the ultimate advise and direction in life's most biggest obstacles such as Love, Relationships, Health, Marriage, Friends and Family, Financial and more...Are you looking for answers? Well, I have the solution to solve and give you all the answers you need. I combine my God given gift  of clairvoyance with unique ability to bond with my clients. I don't only tell you what you want to hear I will tell you the truth in your life. My Psychic abilities have helped many in the past, now let me lead you to a much more happier life! I will tell you what I see in your situation/problem. No situation/problem is hard for me to solve I can bring love and happiness. I have over 19 years experience in the following areas: Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings and Soulmate Connections. I can help you with all issues such as Cheating, Affairs and also Breaking up and Divorce...Please note, I am a straight forward Psychic and don't just tell you what you want to hear. I revel to you the truth and accuracy that you need and want to know..Call today to receive your reading!                                             


I have been giving readings for the past 19 years but have been working in a shop professionally for the past 13 years giving people guidance, advise, and genuine psychic help is something I really love to do. I can help in all matters of life! I am truly gifted with my unique ability that God has blessed me with. If you need and future insights, or even just a friend to talk to them don’t hesitate to chat with me! I am also a reader and adviser on Purple Ocean :)

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