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Readings by Carolann
Readings by Carolann
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Readings by Carolann


Hello! And thank you for visiting my profile here on Zodiac Psychics! I am super excited to be apart of this lovely community. I am a world known Psychic and have been using my natural born ablility for the past 25 years! With my gift of Clairvoyance and Psychic abilities I can give insight into your Past, Present, and Future. I can help guide you and be sure to tell you Warnings, Comfort, and Honest Truth with my readings..I DO NOT SUGAR COAT! If you aren't look for true answers and honesty then please do not waste your time, I am here to give people the truth and accuracy they we'll need to know. I am also a Empath so therefore I can relate to your energy to give you truthful insight and relate to your situation strongly..I work professionally in the Chicagoland area, i do work in a place of business in two high end locations. My goal is to make sure that my clients are happy, satisfied, and pleased with they're readings and have a more clear look and hope into they're future and with they're questions. If you are looking for a none sugar coated reader and adviser i am the one for you! I have over 25 years of experience in the following: Psychic Readings, Tarot cards, Palm Readings, and much more!..Together we can discover your true propose and discover your path to Love, Happiness and Prosperity!..Love to hear from you soon! Call today! you will not be disappointed.


I have over 25 years of experience with my gift. I am a natural born Psychic. The ability has been passed from generation in my family from my great grandmother. I do not take my gift lightly i do take it seriously, my goal to get my clients onto they're road to happiness and success..I love what i do, i cherish and greatly appericate this gift God has given me.




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