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Raychiel The Psychic
Raychiel The Psychic
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Raychiel The Psychic


Hello, I am Raychiel; Thee psychic power-house, who possesses 25 years of paranormal experience. I was born at 3:33 on Monday. Luna rules me. My strongest ability is feeling. I am a prophetic reader, who sees, hears, knows and feels all that lies beyond the vale of the physical realm. I am deeply connected to spirit because my spirit is as old as trees. I enjoy reading people with, and without my Oracle deck. My readings are precise and detailed. It is truly my pleasure to offer people peace, direction, and a sense of clarity. I specialize in love readings, career and finance readings, angel messages, spirit readings, and advice. I’ve helped people who hit rock bottom because I’ve been there and back. I’ve also prevented people from hitting rock bottom through my readings. You are in control of your reality. Please leave your birthdate, names and questions for faster response times, Thank you.


As a child I was a magnet for paranormal activity which was overwhelming. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a healthy understanding & a close relationship with my spirit guides. My experiences were due to me being highly gifted and deeply connected in the spirit world. My paternal Native American grandfather is who I get my ability to know and see visions from. These messages often show up as clear voices, in visions (with our without meditation), as omens in nature, and through instinct. My maternal grandmother is extremely intuitive/psychic as well which is where I get my ability to “just know”, heal, and sense information. I also feel what others feel emotionally and physically. I see and hear or “just know” information about the past present and future. I’ve created my own tarot deck which personalizes the experience and that provides you more detailed readings and a clear understanding on where you are headed and what to do. Messages shout out to me in clear voices. I sense feelings and information, people, areas(such as homes or a specific area), plants, animals, insects and elements. I’ve healed relationships and people. I’ve prevented heartbreak for others. I’ve relayed messages from guides and ancestors. I’ve relayed messages to people about their lifestyle, career and finances. I have visions through meditations and I have transcendental dreams. I use divination tools such as tarot and oracle. My soul decided to have another human experience because my purpose is to heal teach and guide people. Which is why I’ve learned to be grateful for my resources- being my god given psychic abilities.




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