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Raphis Wisdoms


I am a professional psychic, clairvoyant, medium and spiritual advisor. I specialize in connecting with angelic light beings to provide clarity, guidance, and healing to those in need. 🤲

I connect with the angels using spirit, and my intuition to advise others. I can reveal people's individual and personal guardian angels, and their names. I use various tools such as cards, intuition, and directly channeled messages from the angels to provide this message directly to you.

I offer many types of tarot readings and divination using many different tools such as tarot cards and oracle cards involving angels, mermaids, fae, and unicorns.

I use pendulums, runes, mermaid runes of my own design and creation, and cartomancy. I have the ability to connect with the spirit for psychic intuitional and clairvoyant guidance.

Are you feeling lost in your career or love life? Or just your life in general? Let me guide you through this! 🌟🌚


I have over 4 years of providing psychic readings, teaching Wicca/religion-based studies in-person and also online using various social media platforms.

I am a natural-born extreme empath and developed psychic clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairtangency, and access to the universal collective consciousness more and more the older I've gotten.💫

I am a 5th generation white witch with gifts and abilities passed down from my ancestors, and loved ones. Blessed with the god-given gift of healing others with light and energy balancing chakras and emotional and mental ailments, psychic intuitional connections with light beings, water spirits, and extradimensional beings through telepathy, and clairaudience. 

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