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Rafał Lex


For many years I have been dealing with esotericism, helping others and spiritual development. As a life advisor, my first practical experience was working in an esoteric shop and running an advice corner. Then, wanting to reach even more people, I started cooperation with Polish esoteric portals at the turn of 2013 and 2014. Based on my experience, I developed by expanding my knowledge on various types of courses and practical workshops. The next chapter in my life was the official and professional start of the practice of healing with Reiki energy. As my knowledge of energy so far has been limited, I have only concentrated on studying the aura and healing what I was feeling. At the moment, as a certified Usui Reiki master / teacher and Infinity Reiki Healer level 1, I am able to expand my possibilities and help even better. Of course, spirituality is an important part of my life and I try to make it also present in other areas of my life. I am not ashamed of what I do, quite the opposite. I try to infect people with positive energy and give them positive experiences. After all, you can combine spirituality with everyday life without losing your past achievements or changing your lifestyle. Therefore, I am always willing to listen to other people, advise and help as best I can. Apart from Reiki energy and Tarot / Oracle cards, I also offer pendulum work, rituals and life counseling. I am also assuming that there are no problems that could not be solved, but you only need to be willing and want to look for the right path. Thanks to Tarot cards, we get a number of tips and advice that we can use or not. Of course, these are only signs, guidelines and we make the decision ourselves, because we create our own reality. With thoughts and deeds. I cordially invite you to a magical journey.


I have been dealing with spirituality for many years. I cooperated with five Polish esoteric portals, where I gained experience working online. On the other hand, I did the theory and direct learning while working in an esoteric shop in Poznań. At the moment, I am working with foreign portals to expand my business and be able to help more people. Because there is no limit to helping. In the private workshops, I also taught the history of divination and tarot cards. I am currently preparing a series of courses on Reiki. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and deepening it. I gain new skills and constantly work on myself to be a better person.

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