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Why is my current relationship in trouble? Can I fix it?

Love & Relationships · 2 answers
Why is my current relationship in trouble? Can I fix it?
Yes, detailed insight into exact phase of a relationship can be seen. Also chances and ways to fix it are visible, but if fixing a relationship is impossible and end is nearing or is unavoidable, it can also be seen. It is up to a client to choose how to accept my answers, since I do not sugarcoat anything and cannot tell my client a nice happy end if it is not in store. But events are not written in stone, so turn of luck and events are very possible. With more time given to me, to ask for explanation drawing more cards, I can see more details and get better insight into situation, so I can help my client act the best way in given state of a relationship. Many problems can certainly be avoided and fixed.
When relationship, or mariage is faced with problems, this means that there is something wrong obviously. There are 2 reasons for that .. No. 1, someone of partners or both of them are not doing something right, and No.2 is that someone near those two people in relationship, creates disturbance in balance between people who are in relationship. we all have our fears, worries, and this can be cause for creating emotional distance. In No. 2, someone else ( third or fourth person ), because its own fears or selfishness can cause problems between people who are in relationship.. and YES .. when something is it can be fixed. So is with relationships. But it needs both of partners to do it.. If You want to know in which phase You are, and Your relationship, and what can be done, please Call Me. But remeber this, nothing happens by accident. If you are interested to get answers to your questions, You are welcome to visit my profile and see what and how i work.. Feel free to call Me .. Thank You .. Peace and Love...