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What makes a good relationship?

Love & Relationships · 7 answers
What makes a good relationship?
In the beginning of a relationship we can talk for hours and hours. Sometimes we stay up all night just talking. Then somewhere along the way we close down and just stop talking. Communication is the biggest key to any relationship. We get so busy in our own lives that we often forget the other person, we don’t mean to but it happens in every relationship one time or another.
We have to remember the other persons feelings and life is just as important as ours. Setting aside time each day to talk about our day is one way that we can keep the communication channels open. Turn off the television and all other electronics and just talk. Ask your partner how their day went. You will be surprised how easy it is and how much better it will make your relationship.
Another key factor is honesty. All I can say about this is if you have to hide it from your partner you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. When we are honest with each other we don’t have to remember what the story was that we told to cover up what we don’t want the other to know.
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A good relationship at its core is one that fulfills both of you. This includes reciprocal open and honest communication, trust and passion. Understand that there will be ups and downs. I can show you how to follow your heart and keep an open line of communication with you partner in order to work towards a more fulfilling partnership. I will also intuitively tell you if there are any secrets and how to trust when it is time to leave an unhealthy relationship. For a personal reading, book a psychic reading with me via chat.
In my understanding the healthiest relationships are often based on trust and independence. When you learn to live our lives to the fullest, follow your passions and access your greatest joys you have something to share with your significant others. Trust is also fundamental, if you don’t feel free to pursue your joys in a relationship you may eventually feel suffocated, judged and on trial. If you can’t trust our significant other to remain faithful, to keep commitments, etc. what are you doing with them? Something else that contributes to a good relationship is having similar interests. If you are looking for a long term relationship, it might be useful to have something you both enjoy doing together. If you would like more insight into the romantic realms contact me today!