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I hate my job or I don’t have a job. When will that change?

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I hate my job or I don’t have a job. When will that change?
Tarot cards can predict development of events very accurately, especially if the change is happening soon, but cards do not have power to change course of life phase, so sometimes tarot will show that change is not in sight or that will come later, so client must me advised to be patient and wait. Exact timing can be predicted if the change takes place during the one year period of time.
First and foremost I am a clairvoyant, not a fortune teller. However I can tune into the energies of the job or lack of to see what is going on. Sometimes someone has been brought into the workplace and has made your life unbearable. Is it time to move on to pastures new? The Universe has a funny way of throwing an “unbearable soul connection” into our path. That soul connection is sometimes there to push you onto another path. Perhaps you have become very complacent where you are, or things have become a little boring, but you hold on because of the financial security. That is not to be sneered at. However if the Universe wants something more from you, then read the signposts along the way. If you are looking for an online psychic, and want a psychic reading about your job situation, why not email me for a chat. You can get the first three minutes free. Click Here to chat with me now.
When you find Yourself on this situation that You hate Your job, or if You are without job. This is a sign that You need to make some changes in your life.. If You are not pleased with Your job, and You want to change. tthe meaning is that You are ready to move on with your life in another highrt level.You dont have anything new to learn here .. so is time for you to start something new. to find new challenges in Your life, instead to run in circle. If You are without job, or You have problem to find one or keep one, in that situation this is sign that, You dont know what You want in life, and from Yourself. In that case You need to change Your life perspective, the way You think.Because You are doing something wrong here. First step is to find Your focus. to find what will make You more complete in spiritual, emotional dimension. You to find out what are Your gifts, what kind of energy You have and Your path.. Astrology and other techniques, give you the opportunity to find insights on these questions. If You need to find answers to these questions. If you think that I can be of assistance, please visit My profile, see what all do. And choose.