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How do I cope with the breakup of a long term relationship?

Relationship Advice · 9 answers
How do I cope with the breakup of a long term relationship?
Dealing with a breakup or divorce after a long term relationship can be one of the most difficult challenges we ever have to face. That person you thought was a soulmate is now out of your life. We go through a complete grieving process that can be very painful. You must allow yourself to grieve that is the first thing. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to function at a lower level if you have to. But you must remember there is hope and that your life can change for the better! Contact me for a complete psychic reading, your choice of phone or chat. The first three minutes are free!
The angels do you know that break ups are never easy but as a Psychic healer when changeling a message for you I will get the right pathway to lead you on the road of healing and recovery and becoming the new person you need to be with true love in your heart but having learnt the lessons of that relationship in order to move forward no longer hurting but knowing that healing took place because know you love yourself and will be ready, allow me to give you very clear actions steps appropriate to your individual situation, call me or chat with me now, take advantage of my current cheap rates!!
Do not point the blame to each other. Life is full of choices and free will. There is only one or the other. Good choices or bad choices, Good or Evil, White or Black. We are confronted some days with 50% more of these choices. If you hurt them on purpose you will stay in the break-up zone for months and for some it is years. How to cope with it. You just have to accept it.. And move on. You cannot rely on someone else for your Happiness. Come chat with me and I can share my spiritual, healing, and knowledge with you. ^j^
I can look into the relationship and see if there's ways to heal it and reconnect the energies or if someone or something better is coming your way use this reading as a therapy session and realize that maybe this relationship wasn't ment to be at all maybe it was a learning lesion, contact me for a further look into what's the next step for you and what you love life has to offer.
Loving yourself, and believing and knowing there is someone out there for you.
Why do breakups hurt so much, even when the relationship is no longer good? A divorce or breakup is painful because it represents the loss, not just of the relationship, but also of shared dreams and commitments. Don’t fight your feelings.Talk about how you’re feeling. Remember that moving on is the end goal. Remind yourself that you still have a future. Know the difference between a normal reaction to a breakup and depression. Want to know more.
When Your relationship with Your partner is over, this means that one phase of Your life is over, and it is time to start new one. There is no end of the world, when You breakup with someone. Yes there is emotional hole in Your aura .. It is advisable for you to take some time approx. at least 6 months to be alone after breakup. This means that You really need to be alone in emotional life. To clean and heal Your emotional energy field. During this period, don't start new relationship, because you will transfer emotional trauma from previous relationship in this new relationship. This can cause same problems you had in last relationship. If You want to know in which phase You are, and Your relationship, and what can be done, please Call Me. But remember this, nothing happens by accident. If you are interested to get answers to your questions, You are welcome to visit my profile and see what and how i work.. Feel free to call Me .. Thank You .. Peace and Love... AstroMaestro
You do not have to go through this alone. The ending of a relationship only brings you closer to the partner who is more aligned with who you truly are. I can give you intuitive clarity on how to process this pain. Know that the pain is temporary. By getting a deeper look into the higher purpose of the breakup, this will help to alleviate any concerns you may have. I can tell you the karma associated with the relationship and the blessing that will come as a result of this cycle ending. Contact me via chat for your personal psychic reading.
Healing from any break up is tough. Especially when you shared good times and bad times. To cope with it is not easy but it can be done by doing the following. -Meditate, it's always a good way to relax and awaken your chakras. -Spend time with friends and family that will not remind you about your breakup. Hang out with people who will get your mind off of the break up and do something fun together. -Pick up a new hobby. This will help you distract yourself by doing something in your spare time. You never know you could enjoy it a lot. - Meet new people. It's always good to meet new people after a break up. It doesn't have to be romantic, it could be just a few new friends. -Develop a new way of thinking, keep a positive mind that this will pass, it may be hard for you to let go but understand that God is removing people in your life only for the better. Learn from the lessons he is giving you and grow as a person. Chat with me to find out more!