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How can I make my ex want me back?

Love and Sex · 2 answers
How can I make my ex want me back?
Improve your lifestyle, believe in yourself, love yourself.
In short you can’t. However, a more thorough answer would be live like you don’t care they are gone, make choices that establish the best life for you without considering them in the choices, date other people. You see, people are attracted to what they can’t have. When you want your ex back, becoming clingy and being available at their beckon call essentially let’s them know you will always be there, so they can do what they wish. When you begin to live with your own best interest at heart it has the potential to draw their attention if that is what you really want. The benefit of following your own best interest is if you eventually decide you don’t want them in your life anymore, you don’t have to change anything. Just embrace what life presents to you. Contact me today to find out what future lover may be waiting for you!