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What my tarot card reading can not guarantee?

Tarot Readers · 1 answers
What my tarot card reading can not guarantee?
Events are not written in stone. Destiny is not fixed. Our free willed moves can change everything, and divination can sometimes show only the potential of events according to current situation, or just give me a picture of current state of affairs, but not a fixed outcome. Please keep in mind that epilogue of your question sometimes cannot be seen and that people and I as an psychic advisor are not bigger than God and He's providence. Sometimes future stays hidden from us, allowing positive surprises to jump in and enlighten our lives. Whatever divination says do not trust it fully, look for chances for improvement, lean on : partly on me, mostly on your personal intuition, try to recognize tendencies, look for signs, catch chances. I'm here to help you choose the best way to act, to clear your dilemmas. Final decision is always yours and god's.