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As a clairaudient Tarot reader,  I am a translator of the language of the images, I am a mediator between your unconscious and your conscious mind. I can draw a clearer picture for you with the aid of my Spirit Guide and my ability to translate the cards. However, just like an artist, I can illustrate how I view things but it is up to you to explore a deeper more holistic meaning and understanding of your subjective experience. I will not sugarcoat things for your benefit, because that won't benefit you at all. I will be honest and straightforward, please understand I wont give you the answers you want, I will give you the answers you need, the true answers. Who am I? I am clairaudient, claursentient and an Empath. I was born with a caul. Being born with a caul, sometimes referred to as a veil has often been a predictor of individuals developing to become messengers and guides of a higher intuition, spiritual nature or some might say, they possess a sixth sense. In the early ages, women and men born with the veil or caul often became the Spiritual Teacher or High Priestess to their community. I believe this is what has enabled me to commune with my Spirit Guide. My spirit guide is a family member who had passed before I was born. I’ve come to know her by name. I come from a line of women who are healers, clairvoyants, clairaudients and clairsentients. I later came to discover tarot which I pursued out of curiosity but soon came to realize it helped my spirit guide commune with me more clearly and intimately. I am empathetic, loving and non-judgmental. I value the confidence you put in me by opening up your concerns, worry, desires and hopes for the future.  If you have a deep vested interest, are wrought with inner turmoil or have specific expectations about the question, it is best to have the cards drawn, laid and interpreted by someone else, like myself. While predictions for the future are less reliable than questions relating to the past or present, predictions still have a probable likelihood of occurring. Keep in mind the reliability of an event increases with temporal proximity due to free will. More specifically, the cards are most valid for a period of up to three months. They do not become less significant but more difficult to understand because the context in which they may come to pass has not yet come to light .    


Since I was a young child, I have had clairaudient and clairsentient experiences. Throughout my life, I have experienced irrepressible “urges” to say or do things, these “urges” soon developed into an audible voice only I could hear. I soon came to discover I had a Spirit Guide and psychic abilities. I have always been drawn to spiritual practices, hypnosis, numerology, channeling and cartomancy. I have gone to lectures and explored many practices, however, I excelled most at Tarot reading and Tarot also enabled my Sprirt Guide to communicate with me the clearest. For years, my Spirit Guide had always been able to connect with me but with Tarot, I could finally connect with her at will. I started reading Tarot for free 5 years ago. Almost everyone I read for told me how accurate the reading was, how much it spoke to their current circumstance and how I should charge to do readings. Within the last 2-3 years I have begun charging for my readings and I still receive positive reviews of giving a reading the recipient needed, a reading that was very intuitive, helpful and accurate. I hope you will feel your Guide urge you toward a reading with me. Please bring an open heart and an open mind…. (I use the Thoth Deck for Readings) I am also a certified and accredited Crytal Therapy Practicioner.

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