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Hello loves! I am a loving intuitive, empathic, psychic medium at your service! I connect to you emotionally and then connect to information and guidance in your energy field. I love to quickly give you logic-defying details up front to establish trust, then guide you to resolution, peace, confirmation, and excitement at what may be coming up for you in the future as I read probable outcomes! I am so happy to be of service to you regarding what may be happening in the areas of relationships, career and life path, your gifts, talents, and spiritual gifts as I see them, your guides around you and what they may want to say to you, and of course looking at probable futures that I see energy and momentum behind. Please keep in mind there is no such thing as the future, only probable futures and with my gifts, I am able to look at outcomes that have the most momentum and energy behind them at this point. I also advise on using the law of attraction, looking at and clearing out beliefs that no longer serve you and are irrelevant to your life going forward, and empowering oneself with the knowledge of the truth of who we are; everything, Source, Creator and Created, Consciousness, you are already free!! I look forward to working with you!!


As an empath, I have been feeling the feelings of everyone around me for as long as I can remember. At some point, I realized that, through this empathic aspect of myself, the thoughts that I had were often about others, others' experiences, and were the whispers and communications of spirit guides and spirit relatives around me and the other person. For years now I have been helping people using these gifts in a variety of readings. I have also explored channeling, allowing spirit guides to come straight through my words to deliver insight. I've established a style of working where I connect powerfully and easily to the energy of someone, gaining insight and information as well as connecting to mine and at times their guides, bringing forth the guidance that surrounds them while also acting as a life coach with my own guides as well as my experience and unique, multi-dimensional ways of seeing the world, giving life-changing insight and perspective. I have lived a life 100 percent devoted to my spiritual growth and service for the benefit of all very powerfully since 2012 and really my whole life, as nothing else seemed to interest me. I have years of experience in enlightenment practices and meditations as well as empowerment practices such as examining and releasing ways of seeing the world that is not serving your highest good.


Drew help me feel better today I have been in a deep depression and I recommend him highly
Thanks :)
Many thanks, Drew!
he's great to talk to and accurate
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