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Life Coaching


Hello, I am a clairvoyant, tarot and numerology expert, I'm have been into astrology since past 30 year and over the last 30 year I have helped many people no matter what the issue is, whether it is in the profession, in finance, in love, in relationship or in the family, there is a solution to every problem. But people tend to take wrong direction and end up falling into darkness. But you should always know that there is light even in the darkest place, likewise there is a solution to every problem you're facing. No matter how hard you think your problem is, there is always a light in your darkness, you just need to walk in the right path and I'm here to take you by the hand and walk the path together, so that you will find your happiness back in all life areas again.


I have always had passion for astrology and helping people, for over 30 years. In these 30 year I have help quite a lot of people, not only that but I have taught people the basics of tarot and numerology and when you learn astrology you will be able to understand yourself and the people around you better. But my top priority is to always help people, and I've helped quite a lot of with their career, love life, financial issues, divorce. I've helped many people who's marriages were in a verge of breaking, Getting their ex girlfriend or wife back, getting out of deep financial crisis and many negative things which steals their happiness from they life. When I try to help someone I think of their problems as mine and tend to help them the best I can.




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