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Georgeanna Grace


I am a natural born fifth generation psychic, with over 15 years of experience. I give full detailed readings revealing your past, present and future. I am nonjudgmental and open to any topic. Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you wondering if/ she is the one? Are you questioning if he/ she is faithful? I can answer those questions. I am a twin flame expert! I will guide you on your love path help you find out who is your twin flame, and if you met him/ her yet! I also give insight on career, finances, past lives and ext. I am here to answer those troubling questions you might have, to provide answers and guidance on your situation and find a solution. My gift was passed down to me from 5 generations of psychics, and my soul purpose is to use it to help and guide others. Are you stressed? Stuck at a crossroad? Not sure which path is the one for you? Many times in life we find our self at a cross road, confused on which decision to make. Or sometimes we have no direction at all, not sure what lies ahead. Using my gift I can guide you on the right path,revealing what is right for you. I am compassionate, yet straightforward I will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. If you are seeking answers, insight for your future contact me today for a full detailed reading.


I am a fifth generation psychic. My gift was past down to me from five generations of psychics. It was at the age of 7 when my gift was revealed to me! A then stranger walked into my mothers shop and I was able to her aura and details of her past. At the time I did not know this woman and anything about her, but with my gift I told her of her past that I saw. She broke into tears and so did my mother with joy because she knew it was passed down to me as well. My elders then taught me how to use my gift to help others to guide them and give insight. I have been giving readings professionally for over 15 years I have my psychic shop where I have helped thousands on their journeys. Helped them find the happiness they where searching for! Helped reunite lovers! Found solutions to their situations. Brought piece back into their hearts and homes. I have worked with many psychic fairs and expos. I am also certified in chakra balancing.

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so helpful
thank you for the insight, patience seems to be the key here. your accuracy on the situation is spot on
had connection issues
please add more time I love talking with u
I wish u could’ve added more time it’s only a couple of things I wanted to really ask u I honestly thank u for your support and ur help guiding me with this reading
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