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I'm a 4th gen MASTER SUPERIOR SPIRITUALIST. i have been working professionally for 15 yrs,but i am a spiritualist since birthi have been in-tune with the spiritual realm since as far back as i can remember.I am i licensed spiritualist Texas for the past 6 gift has taken me all over the U.S to psychic conventions & spiritual retreats. I have shared my giftwith celebrity's and politicians, and people from ALL walks of life. it has been truly an amazing journey for me.and the part that i enjoy the most is helping is always been my goal to help people from all over the world.i am very proud to be an expert and sharemy gift to all the wonderful people seeking help and guidance.i can help, advise, and guide but not limited to.LOVEMARRIAGEHEALTHFAMILYMONEY/BUSINES


I have been  advising and guiding people from all walks of life. with 15 years of experience, I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly. I have stopped divorces, brought lovers together, and advised clients through difficult business decisions. I've helped my clients achieve their fertility goals, accomplish getting over fears, and much much more.


Very straight foward and honest about her feelings towards situations at hand. Gives good advice for smart decision making.
slow. wastes time just gives general girl advice mixed in ith some psychic
Thank you!!
Absolutely fantastic reading
Thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Ashley
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