Professional remote ESP spiritual cleansing and life coach advisory in all life aspects. Specializing in reuniting, igniting and placing lovers together!  My visions help me to see clearly into your life with no questions asked. I simply ask for your full name and date of birth and my gift will provide the rest. I use all Crystal Energy to help me provide insight, Tarot Cards and I am a professional Palm Reader. Other services & spiritual tools  include: Meditation, Chakra Balancing & Aura Brightening, Cleansings, Numerology & Astrology Charts. 


I am a proud owner of a franchised psychic boutique, New York based and introduced recently into several other states. I've worked with other famous psychics in the past and established an amazing clientele and reputation. All spiritual gifts are hereditary and I started out reading palms as a child. :)

All Specialties

Clairvoyant Readings Crowley Cards Horoscopes Love and Sex Channeling Karma and Past Life Spiritual Reading Crystal Ball Other Tarot Cards Soulmates Numerology Paranormal Phenomena Rider Waite Cards Cheating and Affairs Rune Stone Dating Advice Psychic Reading Relationship Advice Breakup and Divorce Tea Leaves Natal Chart Reading Psychic Mediums




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