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Psychic Ella


Hi, my name is Ella. I have 20 years of experience as a practicing psychic and spiritual worker. I am a compassionate, sympathetic and empathic Lightworker. I take my work very seriously and am committed to helping people through my psychic abilities. I was born with this gift and will be able to help you with just your name and date of birth. I am a very straight forward and honest person which means that I will not waste your time. I will zero in on your main concern with unwavering faith, focus, and commitment until a solution appears. As a true born gifted psychic, I am blessed with the following abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Through these powerful and innate abilities, I am able to accurately predict your situation with very detailed answers. I take pride in helping people and am humbled that I am able to assist through these gifts. My main area of specialization is all matters of the heart. Please see below the list of areas I love to work with: Love & relationships Cheating & Affairs Past, present & future Business & Career Soulmate connections Same-gender relationships What he or she feels for you Family Health Chakra balancing Energy balancing Meditation sessions


Hello and welcome! My name is Ella. I am a true born Clairvoyant empathic reader. I have the ability to sense, see and feel what you are going through. I have over 20 years of experience and have helped many people in my lifetime including celebrities. I am straight forward & honest. I will not sugarcoat. What I pick up in your energy is what I will tell you just by your name & date of birth. I help in all aspects of life: Love & relationships, Cheating & Affairs, Past present & future, Energy balancing, Chakra, Soulmate connections, Horoscopes & astrology, Karma, Love spells, Breakups and divorce and many more. I will also give you a clear understanding of what I see and feel for you to have a better understanding of what is happening on any issue, problem or concern that you may have. Stop by and get a reading with me today! Much love and light xoxo Ella.

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amazing!!! thank you for your advice, you have seriously put my mind at ease. sorry I ran out of funds xx
Wow Great Reading! She really gave me so light to my situation. I hope things will work out like she predicted.
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