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Psychic Enzo


I offer Insightful information through psychic readings Clairvoyant readings energy readings tarot card readings Angel Card oracle cards I will give you information within the energies in regards to past life I can also provide information into dreams like a dream interpretation I could give information through astrology numerology with my ability I can give past present and future information of events in your life or in other people's life I can give information within love relationship health career work Finance whatever you desire to know I can tell you both within my ability and within the tools I use to perform the readings.


Hi there I'm a psychic spiritualist clairvoyant demonologist and spell caster I have over 15 years experience within doing a wide range of readings from tarot card readings energy readings psychic readings palmistry I'm very well equipped with all formats of readings being born indigo I am very open very connected and will pick up on the energies surrounding yourself surrounding others and any situation connected to you I have both experienced doing readings in person and through distance online, I have been established as a well-known psychic spiritualist in Toronto Canada for the past 15 years I have helped thousands of men and women over the years obtain betterment in their own life ,and my ultimate goal is to continue to do so allow me to further assist you so you can connect with higher self I wish you all the best and many blessings to you.

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Angel Readings Tea Leaves Automatic Writing Kipper Cards Rune Stone Karma and Past Life Relationship Problems Love & Relationships Tarot Cards Rider Waite Cards Dating Advice Dream Analysis Horoscopes Family Advice Soulmates & Twin Flames Cheating and Affairs Clairvoyance Osho Zen Cards Palm Reading Spiritual Reading Paranormal Phenomena Crystal Ball Angel Cards Numerology Breakup & Divorce Psychic Reading Other Tarot Cards Astrology Lenormand Cards Mind Reading Career Advice Parents & Children Shamanism Channeling Skat Cards Crowley Cards Occult Readings




Feb 16, 2021
Nov 28, 2020
Nov 26, 2020
Affordable but good accuracy. Great advices, I gain some assurance and clarity. Good listener. Many Thanks!
Nov 26, 2020
Nov 24, 2020
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