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Psychic Melinoe Zosia
Psychic Melinoe Zosia
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Psychic Melinoe Zosia


When I was really young I noticed how much more sensitive I was than most people. I got made fun of for it a lot because other kids just had tougher skin. The older I got I began to realize that I was an Empath, constantly feeling the emotions of people around me and connecting to the energies of my environment. I have used this deep intuition to channel the energy for readings with tarot cards, pendulum, astrology, and dream analysis. I have spent time studying tarot cards and practicing readings with my deck. Using tarot I can give accurate life guidance on career, relationships, and confusing or difficult times. With dowsing (pendulum divination) I can help you find accurate answers to yes and no questions in your life, but I can also help you find things, decide if you are on the right path, or predict when something will take place or when best time to start something is. I am gifted at making star charts that can help you get to know yourself better and navigate situations in your life. My dream analysis is one of my favorite practices of divination. I can accurately interpret dream meanings and how they are relevant to your life and what they show you about your future. This gift is something I hold in the highest regard and is extremely special to me. I truly believe I have this ability in order to help other people.


I have known I was connected the energy and emotion around me since I was a child. The older I became the more I noticed my intuition and started to follow it. I started truly studying my forms of divination two years ago. My readings are known to be helpful and accurate. I am currently looking into becoming a member of the American Tarot Association. I might be on the newer side of readings compared to people that have been practicing for 10+ years, but I think this helps me keep a fresh perspective on working with people. My approach is client guided. I want to help more than anything else and I give clear and accurate readings that get to the center of what the client wants to know about. I am patient and use my connection as an empath to navigate feelings you may have missed and to give clarity to signs you may have missed currently and in the future. There isn't another job I'd rather be doing than using my connection with the universe to help other people.

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May 18, 2021
my time ran out WOW what a experience CLEAR, FAST , SUPER ACCURATE we only stopped because I ran out of time 😞
May 18, 2021
so I thought I had more money on here still but still wish to talk...
Sep 23, 2019
thank you i be back to talk Friday
Sep 23, 2019
blanca jaramillo
Sep 23, 2019
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