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I Have been doing gived psychic readings for 18 years. I don't use any tools unless the client asks me to use tools. I close my eyes and focus on voice vibrations.When doing Chat readings I focus on the client's question and then let my guides help me to give the answer. I also do candle readings to get the very best Yes or No answers for my clients. When looking for timelines I sometimes use the tarot cards along with Mexican playing cards and a normal deck of playing cards to get the best time frame guidance that I can for my clients.


I have experience in  the following areas of psychic work, Dream interpretations, Past life reading  tarot cards reading , channeling , mediumship, Clarirsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvyant psychic. Help in love and relationship guiadence in areas such as breakup and divorce, toxic relationships. I do not judge about sexuality of my clients I'm open minded to LBGT Relationships. Career help/guidance, life choices.  I do focus on Law of attraction in my readings to help you find the best partner that you seek..  I do have some experience in paranormal depending on what you as my client would like to talk about.


Wan Ni Soh
she is amazing!
excellent reading.will definitely follow up with her predictions
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