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Psychic Victoria


Hi there. My name is Victoria and I'm a spiritual psychic and energy healer. I have been giving accurate readings to satisfied clients for over 20 years. I am honest, compassionate and nonjudgmental and I can help you gain the insights and clarity you are seeking in your relationships, career, with your life purpose and on your spiritual journey. As an energy healer I can also read and balance your energy centers as it relates to your spiritual path but I am not a physician and cannot diagnose or advice you in anyway on your physical health. I have also been mentoring and coaching others on their “spiritual journey” for over 25 years and can support others who are going through what some call an “awakening”. I can help you work with the "law of attraction", mindfulness and other tools to help you experience a more meaningful and peaceful life. I believe we are all born with “spiritual gifts” but just like any gift it takes practice, and I’ve been focusing on my spiritual practice for almost my entire life and I’m here to support you. My intention is to provide you with the information you need now to manifest your highest life path. Whether you have a specific question regarding your day to day life or your spiritual journey, give me a call and let’s chat.


I began my formal training as an intuitive in my late 20's when I began working in a spiritual circle. I am a "medium" for spirit but my specialty is in connecting with my client's "angel" or "higher self" for guidance in their life. I began having "prophetic dreams" before I turned 7 years old and have practiced "automatic writing" for over 20 years. I am certified in energy healing, Reiki, life coaching, and angel cards. I enjoy helping my clients get inspired and enthusiastic about life. I was raised in a family where things like intuition and spiritual healing were considered the norm and I feel very honored to help my clients find the peace, comfort and answers they seek in a world that is often chaotic and uncertain. I work primarily with clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance, which means I have the ability to "see, hear and know" what spirit is communicating and I do this with compassion, integrity and to the best of my ability. I often use tools like angel and oracle cards and am nonjudgemental, compassionate and confidential in all of my work. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Thanks so much for your insight
plss send ur answer :(
iit has been hopeless nd depressing to me. thank u for ur reading... i will wait for ur remaining reading..im out of funss. thank u so much
im a bit worried it will be the end. he is not responding me. pls send me mins. i hope we can continuem thank you
it was beautiful session I really felt relax after talking to u. thanks for being so good and positive. I really recommend u to everyone who is very disturb and wants clear picture
thanks dear. it was really nice having this session with u. u connected so vibrantly. u were very fast with ur replies. I really appreciate ur time thanks alot
awesome she is very logical and confident on her reading thank u :)
she’s really good.
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