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Psychic Thiyaa
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Psychic Thiyaa


welcome, my name is thiya raj and I'm an internationally known psychic here  whose psychic gifts have been passed down through my family bloodlines for centuries. As a genuine psychic, I don't require the use of any tools; and instead, use universal energy to connect to higher spiritual realms to resolve issues from your past and present, and accurately predict your future. My supernatural skills enable me to provide you extremely accurate details, time-frames for events to happen, and helpful information on what is ahead on your life path. Additionally, I also provide guidance to important present and future life circumstances, and tools to help you overcome all obstacles in your life. I can help you with your love life, finances, career, and any other issues you have because my prophetic powers enable me to answer any and all questions., the highest rating you can have, and I look forward to helping you resolve challenging life decisions and enhance your overall well being. Please don't hesitate to contact me


I am natural born personal advisor with over 15 years experience in personal and business prediction, clairvoyance, body scanning, energy working, good knowledge in herbs , life coaching sessions, life plan consultations.I tell the truth , which may not always be what you want to hear, steer you onto a path by looking at the CORE of the problem by delving into your past, present, future.This enables me to help you formulate a plan to make different choices and to manifest a new life through these changes.I offer my clients tools after each reading to empower their lives and bring about the change.




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