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Teresa has an incredible gift for getting to the heart of an issue either through a tarot card reading or healing session and can assist you to see the current dilemma so you are able to take the appropriate action for a better future to Teresa offers many different types of reading she will tell you past present and future and advise you in all matters in life specializing in love relationships reuniting lovers call now for a better tomorrow


Hello my name is Teresa I have been a Psychic for over 35 years I have helped many people from all over the US and Canada I'm not just your average psychic I am very in tune with my Psychic ability I am the mind over body clairvoyant empathic spiritual healer and I offer many different types of readings I will touch base extend past present and also future I will help you find the path you need to be on and bring back what was once true happiness in your life when you get a reading from me I do not feed off questions all I ask you is the type of reading you would like and your full name and dob. the rest I tell you all of my readings are done in private confidential and peaceful environment if you are looking for the truth with no sugar coating contact me for true honesty and peace of mind there is still hope to regain true happiness


Honest to point
Shes so awesome accurate will call her again thank you
Thank you Theresa
She's lovely
i love this reader she is very accurate and positive . i have her under my favorite advisor i will only go to her for advice. thank you once again xoxo - X-Zena
she is such an accurate reader i love her lol
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