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"I love what I do and you will too" As a child I realised I had psychic awareness through my dreams, whereby spirits visited me, unaware at the time many were predictions of the future and past life.I studied a counselling course which produced an understanding of myself and my goals and started me on my spiritual journey. I also studied at the Psychic College in London and went on to do various workshops and courses. I have been working as a clairsentient and clairvoyant tarot reader for over 10 years. I have the ability to feel, sense and visualise, which is given to me by a higher source, spirit. As well as tarot, I work with psychometry, dream interpretation, angelic reiki and I am a qualified spiritual life coach. I have also trained with Anne Jirsch, who is the leading expert in a new exciting technique of future life progression which enables you to act now to change your destiny. I also do past life regression, which enables clients to move forward in their present life. I have a Diploma in Psychic development, Meditation, Past Life and Future Life and I I am currently studying parapsychology. My passion is to help people discover their inner self, to create their ideal life and a self belief in all areas, such as: Relationships, Work, Finance and more. I always work in truth, honesty, trust and positivity through, Spiritual Therapy, Past Life regression, Future Life Progression and more.  I also run Psychic development classes, meditation classes and workshops. So if you know anyone that I can help to put back what life has taken out, then call me today to learn about tomorrow.


I have 20 year experience. Abilities: Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Medium, Dream analyst Expertise: Career/work, Family/home, Love/relationships, Spiritual development, Law issues, Destiny/life path: Inspirational

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