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I am now the 7th generation in my family with the ability to help people in there lives. I have made an oath to God never to take advantage of my gift by using it for myself or anyone related to me.Rather, I use my God given power to help those in need. My goal is to help you determine and achieve your personal goals. In the realm of mind; you can possess what you want. You have but to claim it, visualize it and believe in it to make it happen.Your thoughts can give you power over circumstances, health, happiness and prosperity. It’s time to clarify what’s really important to you in your life and put the principles for living into action now! Identify limitations and fears that block you from pursuing your passions; Eliminate inappropriate beliefs and behaviors; Reduce the stress that comes from living out of alignment with your true desires.Identify your life purpose; Discover your life passions; Determine what you are meant to do.I do not discriminate or judge anyone.  I am your friend, your confidant, your guide, and someone you can trust and talk to.  You are not alone anymore.  Let me help you find the answers you seek!My reading is not always what you want to hear, but it is what you need to know!You are here for one reason: To get answers… I have them for you! Where is your road heading?


My powers and insight are a true given gift from God. I realized my gift at a very young age. Since childhood, I have been able to see and hear sprit guides and predict the future, discover things in someone’s life, past and present. I was taught how to enhance my ability by my Grandmother, who also had the gift that has been passed down for generations.




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