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Hello and welcome to Zodiac Psychics. I am Shawn, I have been a psychic for over 10 years. I use the gifts of clairvoyance and emphatic energy to connect with my guides to give clarity to any questions that you may have. As a psychic, I will guide you in the direction that is the best fit for your future. As an advisor, I will show you how to obtain what you desire in life. There is nothing that can not be obtained in life without knowing what the obstacles that hold you back from obtaining what you desire first. So contact me now for clarity and guidance and let's begin your journey into the future.


I am a third generation psychic meaning that my gifts have been passed down to me through generations of born gifted psychics. I have opened my spirit to accept the gifts that I have been born with so that I may be able to share them with many who are in need of guidance and clarity in life and love. I will not sugarcoat anything as that is why you will seek my advice in the first place for truth! I look forward to guiding you all and being a part of your futures outcome. Blessings and light to you all. Shawn


makeeda ismael
Always come back with more things and Shawn is so attentive and helpful. He is always honest and caring and there to help. You must try him!
All nice to talk to him.
Thanks for updates and keeping it all real. You pick up so quickly and so happy I found you!
Kind hearted and very much in tune
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