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Psychic Sally Jean
Psychic Sally Jean
Love & Relationships
Psychic Sally Jean


In a Session with me, I do not require much information to start, just your name and date of birth so I can pick up on your energy field to truly give you the best accurate answers, advice and guidance. I am able to see the past present future and look into any topic going on in your life such as love and relationships, school, career, health and spirituality. My readings are in depth quick to the point and informative. I am nonjudgmental and kind hearted I will be here to hear you out but also to tell you what you need to know. One reading with me will give you full awareness of your surroundings and future and give you clarity and accurate insight into your most deepest questions you need answers to. I use my clairvoyant abilities to channel in to one's feelings and thoughts using my EPS sixth sense. I am also a medium and can connect with spirit's that have past on they make there self known by familiar behaviors and situations that have happened between you and them. I also read into a description of what these spirit's look like. I am able to read animals energy as well if you are a pet lover I am able to look into the feelings and thoughts of your friendly companions. I understand certain behaviors and changes in them to give you an idea of what they want and what they need. When using the Tarot cards in my readings they act as a very mystical and magical toolb that help me uncover certain information that is precise into matters of heart, meaning if you have a specific question about your love interest boyfriend, husband, or ex they will immediately give me a response. I offer a wide variety of psychic readings but most of all I just use my spiritual ability of knowing. You can ask for any type of reading in our session and I will be able to connect with any concern that is on your mind. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello and welcome! My name is Sally. I am a psychic clairvoyant astrologer. I am naturally born gifted and discovered my abilities at six years of age. I knew it was destiny for me to use my ability to help guide men and women on the path of their desires and destinies. I am super empathic and able to read into other's emotions and true feelings. I have been sharing my guidance with others over the phone and in person since the course of eleven years. I use my psychic ability almost every moment of the day. I am constantly tuned in to the spiritual world and always searching for new ways to dive deeper and enhance my abilities and perception. I am a spiritual healer and very well knowledged about meditation and spiritual healing for the mind, body, soul, My energy can connect to people's hearts when I am giving a reading. I am truly here to brighten someone's day even if their future isn't looking so bright. It is my goal to make sure that the person I am in a session with will know what their future entails and also know how they can better their life by taking certain spiritual routes to accomplish what they want to do even if it isn't the way that they had expected. Life is full of surprisesand is constantly changing course. I am here to open your mind heart and soul to except certain changes and challenges that could be on the horizon for you so you could have the best full proof plan on handling them. Many of my clients deal with problems and crisis is in their relationships, families, jobs, with their bosses, confidence, self-esteem, etc. And there way of thinking. Each person in this world is one of a kind and every person needs true honest accurate advice to deal with their situation and problem at hand in a very special way. That is why I'm here to advise you to be your guide and to believe and coach you through life's most difficult challenges and easiest challenges. I am also here to prepare you for good things that a wait for you like finally getting married and settling down getting that new job that you so desire feeling empowered and the very best that you can be, traveling to places that you have always wanted to go to, buying a new home, having your finances in order. These are just some of the good things that I am able to see happening that I have already helped many clients with.

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