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New Advisor! I'm born as empath and channel medium. I am helping people since 20 years to find the right way to themselves and to change their life. It is not just a reading, it is my ability to feel you and to read in you, in the moment I do a reading. Because that is the way I am born: channel medium, clairvoyant, and empath. I am able to understand your pain because I had to suffer a long time before I understood my divine gift. I have the divine gift to connect with spiritual guides, ancestors, and angels to gain messages for you to manifest in your life. Being an empath is when you are affected by other people's energies, feelings, emotions and physical sensitivities too and have an innate ability to intuitively feel others. It feels as I am living in the world with a package of accumulated karma influence, energy, pain, wish, fears, desire, emotions from other people. I feel this emotion as my own. I offer same day psychic reading and tarot reading via email and chat. Expert for karmic relationships, thoughts, and feelings, intentions, future! Deep telepathic reading, divine and accurate with time frames and description of the person. Soul reading, photo reading, karmic relationships and past life analysis, numerology, dream analysis, career reading, life guidance, oracle, pendulum, tarot reading with 8 different cards, spiritual reading.


20 years experience all over the world. I learned pendulum to communicate with ancestors and find lost pets, interpret dreams because I had dreams - a vision where I see my future and my past lives. As a child, it was not easy to embrace this way because as an empath I cannot protect myself from absorbing energies of other people. I could feel the emotions of the persons as were mine and it took me years before I learned to manage it. Then I learned the 8 different Tarot cards and Oracle and to interpret colors of Aura and to heal. I worked as a Psychic for years online. As I lived in Germany I was a teacher for professional tarot readers in esoteric private schools and present at radio and tv broadcasts.


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