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Hello, my name is Grace. 25 Years Experience Providing Honest And Accurate Psychic Energy Readings. I see clear visions & insights of exactly whats going on, and I channel Light to guide you to clear the Karma & bring peace to your Soul and direct you towards the light. I see everything, all the truth, so you will feel Lighter and clearer on your journey, so you can have a happier and more fulfilled life. As an empathic and intuitive I hone in directly on the emotions, actions, agenda, core personality and thought process of the person in question. I can give you clear insight into what to expect and prepare you for what is to come and how to handle the situation to your advantage. I am very quick at getting to the heart of the matter with clear and direct insight. I won't mince words, or waste your time when seeking to find out about another person's Motives.


While I was born highly intuitive and manifested that as a small child, I have had extensive training in various spiritual disciplines, after a childhood raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. I completed an intense Ten Years in training period and achieved the degree of Druidess with the OBOD. I am an attuned Reiki Master. I have also studied Buddhism and currently Advaita Vedanta, which are the ancient Vedic teachings. The spiritual tradition in which my heart found its home is what people call Hinduism. I am a true Bhakta yogini and brahmacharini. My life is now totally devoted to my spiritual practice. I have developed my psychic gifts through my in-depth study of numerous metaphysical tools where I mastered the Tarot, astrology and numerology. I use these along with my innate gifts to unfold the answers that have eluded you and to create the wonderful life of your dreams.

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she's amazing
She was right on and to the point. Picked up real fast and types fast!! I will definitely give her a try
Super, strong connection and powerful reading :)
She has been kind and genuinely helpful. Her reviews prompted me to seek her out, highly recommend!
Lovely and very helpful as always
she is amazing and always picks up quick try her out
Thank you for nice reading :)
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