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I'm a God Gifted Psychic Medium & provide spiritual readings in love relationship, soulmate connections, family issues, dating, career, and finance. I tune into people's emotions, soul-energy and guide you using my intuition in combination with messages from spirits that are around you and your loved ones. I will interpret your lovers/soulmates thoughts, intentions and what the future holds, where your relationship is heading and futuristic perspective of unfolded events. I've helped my clients to achieve clarity, enlightenment, and guidance towards reaching the goal they seek in their love relationships. Life and love have thrown heartbreak & other uncomfortable situations at us, time and time again. My wisdom, credentials and psychic experience have provided me the skills to help you sort your feelings amidst chaos. As a result, you receive the balance, peace, clarity, and freedom to obtain the love and respect that you deserve. You are the master and commander of your own life, so, don't let your fears and others drive you. There was a time when you owned that power and had the balance in life. Let me help you own the peace and balance in life again through my experience, insights and heightened intuition.


I am a professional God Gifted Psychic Medium and I have been doing psychic readings for 15+ years with extreme accuracy and have dealt with thousands of clients from all walks of life globally and received worldwide acclaim for my skills in providing peace of mind and clarity. I went to learn and grow my psychic wisdom from Gurus and Spiritual Masters. I love the feeling that I have guided someone to a clearer path of happiness. I welcome you to my readings! Michael


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