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Hey there! I am going to guide You through Your decisions, uncertainties, curiosities, intuition and Your thoughts; I am going to assess Your energy, aura and your mindset; on this thought we can dwell furthermore into focusing either on career and finances matters, family and love matters as marriage or friendship! I can assist you through Your most intense, awkward even, inner struggles and together we can rediscover how to take back Your life and feel at Your full potential. Everyone of You out there is special and over the years I have learned that what it is important in a reading is the person's energy and mindset; I wait for You with open hearts and arms and wish to be part of Your personal development and growth! Love and Light


Since I know myself I have been more emphatic, caring and in sync with nature. I have been working constantly for 8 years now with people all over the world. I have conducted over 5000 readings covering all range of topics and questions! I am here to assist you in balancing your energy and your energetic potential, checking and cleaning your aura, interpreting your recurrent dreams, bugging & repeating numbers or objects, even finding lost items ,remote sensing and connecting with people and objects. connecting to past souls and receiving messages from the other side.....It is remarkable to see how people get to transform their life through their perception, intuition and view of things. This is one of the reasons I use numerology combined with the art of Tarot as You will have a moment when your perspective shifts from being subjective to  objective and vice-versa. I love to work with people that, as we all do, are forgetting about the innate link between them and the natural world, a link that brings more potential for enjoying our life and achieving our goals! Re-find yourself and your inner vibration! Once You manage to do this You get to witness how Your potential is literally moving mountains and non the less You get to see how the predictions begin to unfold.


thank u, although i wish we could talk in chat.. i kind of get some of what u said.. i really can stop thinking about him and i want to stop this dilemma
Thank you Medeea!
I feel the time apart broke me into pieces. I just recovered from that and I don’t even know how to get hurt anymore...
oh i hate to cut. i hope u can send me mins.. plss.
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