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Psychic Lydia
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Psychic Lydia


I have had the gift of telesthesia which is remote viewing since the age of 6, this part of my ability you would better understand as a tool of extrasensory used for perception. I also developed the gift of retrocognition which is knowing things about one's past, with time, age and teaching from my mother and grandmother who also have many different abilities. I was able to understand it and know how to not confuse it with ones present or future which can be very confusing it not understood well. I was very quick to further advance my ability with practice to mediumship which is basically a channeling to communicate with my guides, angels and loved ones. I pick up the vibrations so when a client asks certain questions if I feel a vibration that would indicate “yes”, if I feel no vibration that would indicate a “no”. I hope that this gives my future client a complete understanding of all the abilities that I can share with them and by knowing all of the abilities that I have you can decide if I would be a good fit to help you and your situation. I now have been doing professional readings for over 10 years. I have also been working closely with other people who have abilities to help them further develop and understand the spiritual gifts they have. I have been helping people to restore broken or confused relationships because that is where my passion truly is. I have become A certified spiritual life coach in order to help give advice, guidance, knowledge whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual to help Reunite the separated. I have spent more than 5000 hours in sessions. I have studied human behavior for many years after combining all my studies and experiments to further understand the karmic chords, The spiritual obstacles, supernatural tests, The forces of confusion caused by energy, and more I have become very devoted to soul mate and twin flame relationships and helping people understand what is truly blocking their soul purpose. I offer SoulmateReading Soulpurpose Reading, ChakraReading, Aura Reading, Past life Reading, Palm Reading, Tarot & Angel Card Reading, Ruin Stone Reading, Astrology & Vedic Astrology Readings, Tea Leave & Coffee Reading, Crystal & CrystalBall Readings, and my most requested reading my own created reading based on popular demand What are they feeling Reading done with vibrations and persons name and date of birth. I can tell you if you are reading this now it is because there is something you are meant to be told now from me, an important message I have for you. Love and Light to you my future client.


Love and Light to you future client,    

My earliest memories of my ability were at age 6.  

My grandmother had noticed some of my behaviours displayed gifts that I didn’t know I had.                  

Her being a clairvoyant knew it was time to talk to me. She had explained that she, as well as my mother, have 6 senses and most people have 5 and that I was like her and my mother, and we could communicate telepathically with one another.                                    

After some time I would see dreams during the daytime or what I thought was dreams.   I explained to my mother what my dreams were like and how they were about people I had never seen before, and my mother had explained sometimes the unique way that we communicate with each other allows us also to see visions in our minds about other people and when that happens it means we are to share our gifts and help people.  By the time I reached 8, I was taught by my mother and grandmother to understand all the abilities I have and how to use them.                                 


They had me practice with friends of the family, neighbors and other family members for years.   I now have been professionally revealing visions and vibrations to anyone who is drawn towards me for help, either in person at my spiritual insights wellness center that I own, online and sometimes people that I meet. I do know that anytime someone speaks to me there is something they are meant to be told. If you are reading this your spirit guides have a message they want me to deliver to you today.

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