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Hello! My name is Lucas Liberato, and I'm very glad you are here. As a Psychic and a Tarot reader, my work consists in bringing enlightening intuitive readings to help you find clarity in your path. My intention is to always come from a place of love and kindness, but I can bring you tough love too if it is necessary for your growth. I offer readings that are both in-depth and clarifying. I work both with my psychic gifts and the Tarot cards to answer your questions and bring you insights on your life. Love, relationships and personal growth issues are my specialties. I am also a Coach and a Reiki Master and I integrate all of my abilities and experiences to bring you closer to the truths of your heart. I strongly believe that we are capable of creating a life of more joy, love and abundance for ourselves and I seek to help you get there with my readings. With my work, I will help you get clarity, empowerment and solutions to better navigate through your life, and you will receive that with the utmost honesty and respect for your individual journey.


I have about 10 years of experience both as a Psychic and an Advisor. I have helped hundreds of people from all around the world to find the best path in many trying situations. Ever since I was a child, there were things I "just knew", but it wasn't until my teenage years that I started consciously developing these abilities. My commitment is to be honest and truthful, and sometimes it does mean telling you something you might not like to hear, but maybe that is exactly what you need to hear. I look forward to speaking to you about all matters apart from questions on health, financial advice and matters that would require a different professional advice, such as that of a doctor. In every reading, my psychic abilities (Clairsentience, clairvoyance, empathy, aura reading, divination, mediumship) and my Tarot cards are ready to offer you the best advice and to bring you clarity and comfort. Come, get a seat and tell me: what is troubling you?

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thanks Lucas please could you help with few minutes if you can
I feel you are on track. :) enjoyed my time with you very thankful. thank you for your time and help. :) hope to hear from you soon!
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