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Psychic Lucas
Psychic Lucas
Relationship Problems
Psychic Lucas


I'm Psychic Lucas, a professional Psychic Advisor and Tarot Reader with about ten years of experience in helping people. I am a Relationship Problem-Solver and as all matters in our lives involve relationships in one way or another I can help you navigate your worries, difficulties and challenges in all areas of life. Besides using the Tarot and Lenormand cards, I am Clairsentient(I frequently just know things, without explanation) and Clairvoyant(I see things that give me insight), psychic abilities that strongly help my work. I position myself as a Relationship Problem-Solver because I believe everything in our lives is about relationships. Your relationship with yourself, your self-steem, your dreams, your significant other, your family, with your career and coworkers etc. Have you ever stopped to think how much of your power of realization gets wasted for lack of clarity and peace in your relationships? I will offer you insights and guidance so you can get back your peace and clarity and then step into your power. The more open you are, the better the connection will be. Objective questions, get objective answers. The more context I have, the more insight I can give back to you. Keep in mind that I am a Psychic indeed but I am neither all-knowing nor error proof, so sometimes there will indeed be situations I can't see or tap into. I reserve myself the right of not answering questions regarding medical/health, legal or investment matters.


Becoming a Psychic Advisor was never my plan. Surprising, huh? It wasn't. I never thought I was gifted enough, mystical enough, "evolved" enough. But my psychic abilities were always there, guiding me and helping me guide others. Life kept trying to steer me in this direction and I dodged. The responsibility seemed too great, and it still is but it is also an honor. And I always had this "'keep it real'' point of view that brought clarity to others and I was this person who was always there, providing insights and direction to other people whenever I could. In about ten years helping people, in so many different ways, I've realized that life doesn't give a damn about our plans. I never planned, never even in my wildest dreams did I think of being a professional Psychic Advisor, and here I am, LOVING IT and ROCKING IT. This is the person you are going to get in your reading: a funny, down-to-earth, kind and honest... human. Everything I tell you, even if it is not pleasant to hear, will come from the heart and said with love so rest assured that it is for your highest good.

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Feb 25, 2019
Feb 24, 2019
Feb 21, 2019
Lucas about my future man
Feb 14, 2019
thanks Lucas please could you help with few minutes if you can
Feb 14, 2019
I feel you are on track. :) enjoyed my time with you very thankful. thank you for your time and help. :) hope to hear from you soon!
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