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As a fifth generation psychic, I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of esoteric majick. I have a strong background in theology and the spiritual teachings of different cultures. I have studied remote viewing, astral projection, and meditation.I am a master astrologist, tarot card reader, and natural empath. I use various methods of divination in my readings, focusing on each of my clients specific needs. My heartfelt interpretation and in depth readings give my clients answers and possible solutions. If you are at a crossroads in your life and seeking answers let me help you regain control, clarity, and find your true calling.


I have over 14 years experience helping many, family friends, even worked in a psychic shop in New Orleans, I've the  ability  To see In to the future as well as the past to let you know what awaits you and what have  brought you to your current issue, there is no problem too big or too small you can't over come, I have the ability to help you through the spirit guide, I've been born with a 3rd  generational  Gift to  communicate with the spiritual world to  reinsure you on your present  situation  and allow you to know what to expect.

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thanks i have already had a reading before and needed a update which i got and my questions answered thanks again for your time. I love the fact you can see what u can see its an amazing gift and im grateful.
Excellent reader
Awesome read and great advice
Excellent reading. Very clear and concise! I look forward to her predictions coming true!!
Shes nice and good
thank you
thanks for the reading
I love this lady she is such an angel she took me to a place where it just brought chills to my body I want to thank u from the bottom of my heart God Bless my dear friend
Not focused, a lot of repetition, not happy with the call
I love this woman she is so on point with everything she told me thank you will talk tomorrow
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