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Give me a few minutes of your time and I will give you all the clarity you need and an answer to any question you have. Want to know what someone is thinking? No problem! Come as you are, gain clear knowledge and leave empowered. I am a psychic with years of experience starting with formal training into the world of mantras, meditation and Eastern philosophies at the age of 7. I was enrolled in a school for formal training into matters of spirituality, known as Balvikas by my parents, both of whom had a keen interest in the spiritual world besides being torchbearers of the family legacy of psychic ability and spiritual intervention. From there onwards, natural psychic abilities that run in both sides of the family began to develop with use and training and I have since made this ability my passion and career which today you too can also benefit from. To date, I have undergone certification and training to become: * a certified life coach * a certified past-life regressionist * a certified hypnotherapist * a practitioner of East Indian Magic * Mantra healer (with excellent results) * Vedic/ Indian Astrologer * Vedic/ Indian Palmistry * Hoodoo * Oracle Cards * Reiki Master * Pranic Healer * Aura and Energy Cleanser * Business Advisor and Strategist (with Certified Harvard Management Mentor and Financial Planner Experience) * Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra Advisor


I was born into a family in which psychic abilities and spiritual intervention practices strongly ran on both sides of the family. At the age of 7, I began vocalising my psychic visions and intuitive insight to family members. As a result, my parents who acted as torchbearers to the family legacy of spirituality enrolled me into formal training for learning and the use of mantras, meditation, Hindu philosophies, and metaphysics. Rigorous meditation in this school setting (Bal Vikas) began to activate my pineal gland and open my third eye which gave extra strength to my visions so as to allow for psychic vision healing. This is a rare initiation and technique in which the future can be molded by my energy during the course of a reading, as well as the healing of past events and pains so all those involved experience healing and change on an energetic level due to the spiritual intervention which transcends the limits of time. By using these techniques gained from ancient Vedic texts that deal with the spiritual development, I began to heal events of the past and present so those involved began seeing changes coming about. This struck some people as miraculous and word spread from family to friends and then friends of friends. By the age of 13, I had begun offering palmistry and astrology while the ability to heal through touch began unfolding as heat and vibrations in my hands while hearing or relating to problems of others. Training and skills development has continued and more and more experience, knowledge, the unfolding of ancestral gifts and formal education certification has made me all the more available to assist you! Give me a few minutes of your time and you will gain all the clarity you need. Let's work together to gain the life you wish, with an action plan we both can create!

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Far from accurate description of my situation, sadly. I was hoping for clarity.
I ran out of time but I will do this now every day I will keep you posted thank you
no more funds. can u finishes reading?
Most of my time was spent talking about Chakras, and not my question. While beneficial, would like answers to the questions I asked, thanks. Would still try him again as he is new.
thank you again so much. such valuable advice. i can't thank you enough. talk soon
you are amazing. described POI completely. thank you for the great advice ❤️❤️ i recommend him completely
I found my new favorite! Super on point and quick to respond and so easy to talk to like a best friend. I will definitely be back and can't wait for my next reading with him! Try him for yourself!
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