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"Don't compromise quality just because of Money." Dear Clients, I receive divine messages from angels and spirits for my clients as the solution to their problems. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathetic psychic reader. I use tarot cards and pendulum also for making accurate predictions. Many of my clients have also acknowledged my abilities to connect with spirit through mediumship. I have a strong intuitive ability which I use for my clients during private sessions. If you are confused about your spiritual growth, relationship turmoil and financial milestones; please feel free to take me into private reading for clarity. I also offer my healing powers includin REIKI to heal different emotional and psychic complaints. My grandparents and parents have transmitted healing and reading gifts to me. Some of those gifts are  Love and Relationship Analyzer (family issues, break up with beloved, reunion, new love coming in)  Empath, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and medium  Ability to read things by making remote spiritual connections  Picture Reading  Healing through telepathy, individual energy chakras meditation, spirits, angels, and crystals  Spiritual Coaching and Guide Channeling  Angelic Counselor  Fengshui Advisor  Interpreting meaning from dreams  Color Therapist


I am a gifted child born to gifted parents. I have been reading energies from a very young age. However, it has been ten years that I am offering professional psychic services. I have been working on other reading sites as well and my clients have always left wonderful testimonials for me.

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Can you answer the last bit Jia... Thank you friend... take care...
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we were disconnected many times which made the call frustarting. good reader though.
thank you jia you have a detailed reading thank you
Thank you always giving me hope
Jia, can you spare some minutes... just want to know the last part... Take care friend...
Gave me hopeful insight, hope all works out
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