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Psychic Jason
Psychic Jason
Love & Relationships
Psychic Jason


My readings are more than listening to what's going wrong. When you get a reading from me you will get advice, guidance, steps to finding solutions and gaining resolve . My goal is to make sure all who seek my gift will find peace of mind in the matters they seek advice on. .As a male advisor, I can and will offer you a more detailed reading on why that special someone in your life is changing, seems distant or distracted and pulling away. If its a man or woman in your life, my readings & guidance will show you the softer side of your situation and guide you to communicate on a level you both can feel resolve and understanding.
Chose a tarot reading for a look at all areas of life such as love, career, bussiness, family and money.
Choose a Lovers reading for a more in-depth look at your relationship matters for problem solving, guidance and a plan of action in your love life. My goal is to ensure my clients leave the reading feeling satisfied with the guidence they have received. And that they feel confident knowing that they have someone that cares if they feel the need to seek further guidance in the future.


Hi. my name is Jason. I have been reading and advising on relationship matters for 21 years. I have studied the art of tarot and have perfected the interpretation of the tarot's messages and warnings that allow me to advise clients on past, present, future, situations. I also come from a long line of spiritual advisors, I am the 3rd generation in my family. I am also a life coach. I have done readings in person and online for over 15yrs. I specialize in love reading, astrology, psychic reading ,dream interpretation, angel readings. I have experience in aura reading, karma readings, chakra reading and maintaining life balance advice. I am a full time professional advisor, this is not a part time or in my spare time . I believe this is my calling in life to help, advise and use my gift of sight to serve those who seek my help, insight, direction ,wisdom and answers to questions they have.




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